Shop Live with Friends, Family, Agents, and Others
Sesh provides Interactive Co-Shopping and Real-Time Communication
Via Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop

Downloads or Plug-Ins
Co-browsing with Sesh requires no downloads or plugins. All you need is a web browser to co-browse.

Connect Instantly
Participants get together in seconds!

Catapult Customer Experience

Trending Now: Customers are demanding more from their online experience - whether they're buying something, completing a complex transaction or just looking for help.

Learn how Sesh's co-browsing technology can give your customers the best possible experience online.

Your customers deserve it!

  • Increase the amount of time spent on site
  • Exceed customer online expectations
  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease abandonment due to complication
Why Co-Browse?

Sesh co-browsing allows two or more people to browse the web together in a real-time interactive session. All participants have equal control to click, scroll, type, draw and browse resulting in a synchronized view for all.

Sesh can be used to co-browse any website for customer support, sales, e-commerce, co-shopping, and more.

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